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Casinos near Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful and powerful city, and its casinos will not disappoint you with all its features, amenities, games, and excellent customer service. Playground Poker, Salon de Jeux, Magic Palaces, and Montreal Casino are one of the most popular casinos in Canada, so if you are a local or a tourist, you have to visit them at least once in your lifetime.

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Montreal Casino

In Montreal Casino or Casino de Montreal, you will have a blast when playing all their casino games that, include lots of slot machines and table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other games that we all love to enjoy once we access a casino.

Suppose you are feeling hungry or want something to drink. In that case, you will have at your disposal lots of restaurants, bars, and other lounge places in which you can take a bite of many luxurious and tasty meals, so if you are feeling adventurous, we recommend you to check out their bars and restaurants.

The casino has a vast infrastructure in which you can find lots of fun places and chill places. There are many areas with giant TVs, restaurants, and many more places where you can chill, or if you want, you can check out their shows at the Cabaret Du Casino.

Cabaret Du Casino

In this cabaret, they are always many shows, concerts, live music, and many more events that will make you have a blast when you attend them. To ensure which events will be available in the future, you can check their website to see their calendar or simply ask their customer service agents for more information.

The staff at Montreal Casino is more than willing to help you with anything that you may need or answer all your questions no matter how small they are, so do not be shy and talk to their staff which is constantly working around the clock to make sure that you have everything that you need to have a great casino experience.

You can also party hard in many other areas, such as the Bar Valet and other restaurants, so feel free to celebrate your birthday or simply go there to have a pleasant time with your friends or with your loved ones.


This casino offers you 3 restaurants that you can enjoy when you visit them: Le Montreal, Pavillon 67, and L’Instant. These restaurants will provide you with the best of the best in terms of food quality and competitive prices compared to other restaurants in the area.

Keep in mind that at the moment of the making of this review, Le Montreal and Pavillon are temporarily closed due to renovations or other reasons that we are not sure of yet, but we are confident that they will open again soon. Still, L’Instant is up and running to receive you and make you feel like a king or queen when eating there, so go ahead and take a bite there.

Casino Games in Casino Montreal

Casino Montreal offers all the classic games that any land casino should offer, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, lots of slot machines, and many more games, also, do not forget to ask for their tournaments and other special activities that can be very fun.

You can also enjoy craps, progressive jackpots, Plinko, and many more games that we always like to play, also Casino Montreal offers an online casino that, honestly, is not that good but feel free to check it out.

Other Features

The casino also offers a free shuttle from Casino de Montréal to the Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières. The shuttle has a calendar that you can check on their website, so be sure to check it out before taking the shuttle.

Casino Montreal has many promotions that will enhance your gaming experience. These promotions can be loyalty points, 15% off on some purchases, and other features that you should take advantage of.

This casino is also partnered with Hotel Casino Charlevoix, so if you want to spend the night there, they will recommend you go to Hotel Casino Charlevoix, which are the same people, so you do not have to worry about it.

Playground Poker

This casino is located near Montreal. To be more precise, it is located at the following address: 1500 Unit C Route 138 - J0L 1B0 Kahnawake. So if you are near this area, do not forget to check out this casino which has lots of goodies, features, and many promotions for you.

This casino is open 24/7, so it is open every day, but most of the activities and games are available on weekends. This casino is focused on providing many types of Poker games, and it has many tables to spare.

Playground Poker is a place for all kinds of players, it does not matter if you are a beginner, an amateur, or a professional player. You will be able to enjoy a great gaming environment, and there are also many electronic table games and slot games that offer games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other games.

VIP Program

Playground Poker offers you a reward plan in which you can collect points to exchange for many things, including discounts, credits for games, and other features. You can request your Playground reward card as soon as you are their customer, so feel free to ask any questions to their support team.


This casino is not that big, so it only has one restaurant, but it gets the job done, there you can relax, order a cold one and eat many delicious meals that will not let you down when visiting this casino.

Salon de Jeux Trois-Rivières

Located at 1900 Boulevard des Forges - G8Z 0A3 Trois-Rivières, this casino focuses on electronic games, so there are many slot machine games from many providers that offer visitors a wide library of games to enjoy.

This betting place is not that big compared to Casino Montreal, but it offers a friendly gaming atmosphere and a bar where you can have a nice drink. Their staff is super friendly, and they are ready to help you with any questions or inquiries that you may have.

They do not have a restaurant, but there are many restaurants and other nearby places where you can have a nice meal or enjoy nightlife activities, so be sure to check them out at least once.

Magic Palace Casino

This land casino is located at 247 Rte 132 Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0 CA. They offer free parking, lots of poker tables, many slot machines, many promotions, and many more goodies that you will surely enjoy if you visit them.

They operate 24/7. However, the poker area is available Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 12 pm to 3 am, there might be some exceptions, but if you are going to this place to play poker, you should stick with this schedule.

Casino Games in Magic Palace Casino

Magic Palace Casino offers lots of poker tables, many slot machines, and many electronic games that include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other games plus, more machines are added from time to time, so there is something new to play.


They have a great dining area that offers a vast menu, with a friendly and professional staff which is always helpful and sharp with all your needs, so be sure to try their meals or at least visit their restaurant to have a nice drink or a coffee.

Rewards Program

This casino offers a loyalty reward program or a VIP club that provides many features depending on the loyalty points you collect, which you can acquire by just purchasing and playing in the casino.

Between the redeemable rewards, you can enjoy valet parking, free drinks while playing, discounts, birthday rewards, redeem points for selected merchandise, exclusive access to special events, and other special treatment that will make you feel like a true lord.

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Casinos near Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful and powerful city, and its casinos will not disappoint you with all its features, amenities, games, and excellent customer service. Playground Poker, Salon de Jeux, Magic Palaces, and Montreal Casino are one of the most popular casinos in Canada, so if you are a local or a tourist, you have to visit them at least once in your lifetime.