Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel Review


Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel is a property of Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise and is located in Nevada, specifically at 16849 102nd Street SE, Hankinson, North Dakota 58041, USA.

This hotel has 100 rooms, a golf course, a casino and different restaurants for the enjoyment of its users. 

This hotel is considered an excellent place to relax and enjoy a pleasant stay. 

The hotel's casino has different games for gamblers to choose from, including slots and various table games.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Golf course The information available on the Internet is scarce.
Casino with more than 1000 slots
Free Internet access

Gaming at Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel

The casino of Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel has at least 1,000 slot machines of different themes, which are renewed from time to time so that customers can play on the most current machines. 

Also, table games are available in this casino, including blackjack, roulette, craps, ultimate texas hold'em, three card poker and phil-em-up. 

The schedules for each game can be found on the hotel's website, where you can also find information about tournaments and more.

The hotel also has a sports betting room where people can watch the game live. In this area you will be able to bet on different sports such as golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball and more. 

It is important to remember that you must be at least 21 years of age to be able to place bets in these facilities. 

Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel Website & App

The interface of the Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel website is quite intuitive, the first thing you will find at the top is the contact number to make inquiries and the address. 

The website is sectioned into different sections, where you will find more information about the following: Casino, hotel, dining, entertainment, promotions, sports betting, meetings, golf and rewards. On the home page, when you scroll down you'll find more information about upcoming events.

As for the applications, at the moment there are no applications available, however, it is expected that they will be enabled soon for the user's convenience. 

Events & Entertainment

In this complex you can find different forms of entertainment. 

It has a Convention Center, where people can enjoy the presentations of various artists. In addition, the hotel has a golf course and, of course, a casino where visitors can gamble and bet responsibly in the best Las Vegas style.

The announcements about the artists that will perform shows and concerts, as well as other events, are made through social networks, so that those interested can obtain the information in a more immediate way.

History & Facts

Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel opened its doors to the public in 1999, and is the principal property of Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise. 

At this time, information about the history and tour of this hotel and casino is quite limited. 

The Area & Getting to Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel

Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel is located at 16849 102nd Street SE, Hankinson, North Dakota 58041, USA, located on the Fort Traverse Indian Reservation.

This property is located entering Nevada on Interstate 29, 13 miles from downtown Harkinson.

Although this hotel has no entertainment facilities, it has its own golf course for its guests. 

Covid Restrictions

Like many hotels, casinos and entertainment establishments, at Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel, safety measures were put in place to maintain the hygiene of the facilities and the health of staff and visitors. 

Within the complex, plexiglas barriers were installed between some machines and at the registers. In addition, hand sanitizing stations were provided throughout the property. The rooms also undergo a disinfection and cleaning process to eliminate possible germs that may remain after use.

Other specific measures indicate that the use of face masks is entirely optional for guests, and that the number of people allowed to enter the facilities has been reduced to create a space in which social distance is possible.

Is Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel a Good Experience Overall?

Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel is a good option for those who want to spend a few days disconnected and relaxed. 

This hotel offers its guests excellent service, plus several entertainment areas for your enjoyment such as the casino, golf course, bar and more.

In addition, this property is considered one of the best in Dakota, has a good reputation and is easy to get to. 

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