7th Street Casino Review


Placed at 777 North 7th Street Trafficway Kansas City, Kansas 66101, this is a prolific casino where you can enjoy more than 600 different slot games that offer you appealing graphics, animations, and features. These advantages could keep you amused for a long period every time you decide to bet on this casino. 

7th Street Casino is considered a top destination for all of those that wish to enjoy a high-quality gambling experience in the state of Missouri. In addition to the incredible selection of gambling alternatives available to the players, 7th Street Casino counts with its very own Café that opens every single day of the year. At this great Café, you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special drinks and appetizers at any given moment of the day without any restrictions.

7th Street Casino is owned and operated by the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, and it is licensed and regulated by the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Commission.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
More than a decade of experience working in the industry This casino has no table games available. Only slot games
It offers the lowest hold rate available on any casino in the region where it is located It is relatively isolated, so the shuttle service must be used sometimes
There are more than 600 different slot games available to choose from
It counts with its Café that is open to all the visitors
It has a compelling club available that allows the players to receive great promotions

Gaming at 7th Street Casino

7th Street Casino is considered one of the best retail casinos in the city of Kansas and the whole state of Missouri. What makes this casino so special is that it offers a wide selection of slot games to all the players. More than 600 of them are available to all of those eager gamblers looking for a thrilling betting experience. 

The titles are designed and provided by the best and most reputable software developers to make it even better. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for the players to spend only a couple of minutes betting in the 7th Street Casino. Lastly, it is essential to point out that this casino does not have any other types of games available. It only offers slot games.

7th Street Casino Website & App

The 7th Street Casino website is quite minimalistic and easy to comprehend for any user looking to know more about the casino and all that it has to offer them. The site does not count with fancy animations or transitions, making it harder for low-spec devices to run smoothly. Therefore, you can go through the whole platform in a matter of seconds without any issues.

7th Street Casino does not have a mobile app, but there is no problem since you can access the website for any mobile device since it is fully mobile-friendly, and you can check out the following tabs:

  • Casino: This area holds all the trending information about the casino; it is like a blog area.
  • Dining: If you click on this tab, you will get all the information about the bar, café, and food schedules.
  • Promotions: In this part, you can check all the rewards and promotions that the casino has for you, such as presents, cash rewards, the VIP club, and more.
  • COVID-19: This tab holds the information regarding the safety and health rules that you will have to follow when visiting the casino.

Events & Entertainment

7th Street Casino is known as a top-notch casino in Kansas City. Large audiences visit the premises regularly, and to please them all, 7th Street Casino organizes excellent events throughout the year. At this particular time, the events available are the following ones:

  • Holiday events
  • Point Multipliers – All Saturdays
  • Silver 7's Club – All Tuesdays

History & Facts

7th Street Casino was established in January of 2008. Since then, the casino has drawn the attention of the local residents and tourists who wish to glance at this appealing casino while visiting Kansas City. At the moment it was built, the city already had a lot of retail casinos and other entertainment venues. However, 7th Street Casino started to stand out from the competition easily. All thanks to the great variety of games it has offered to all its visitors since the beginning.

Nowadays, 7th Street Casino is known as one of the best casinos operating in Missouri. However, its owners are looking to make the betting venue more interesting with new offers and features.

The Area & Getting to 7th Street Casino

Located at 777 North 7th Street Trafficway Kansas City, Kansas 66101, 7th Street Casino is located where the players can enjoy their favorite titles with ease at all times. The casino counts with its shuttle service to travel through the surrounding places with no issues.

In order to arrive at 7th Street Casino, the visitors will have to go by car or shuttle. However, the premise can be found on Google Maps easily, so you can receive real-time indications and get to the casino quickly.

Covid Restrictions

This casino prioritizes the safety and health of all visitors. Therefore, 7th Street Casino did not close down due to the pandemic, but they have implemented a strict protocol that prevents the players from getting infected while staying at 7th Street Casino.

In addition, this casino has safety guidelines on its site or at the building before entering the betting rooms so that the players are aware of the risks and how to avoid them.

Is 7th Street Casino a Good Experience Overall?

Located in a relatively isolated but easy-to-get-to area, 7th Street Casino is an excellent destination for all the players that visit Kansas City at any time of the year. The casino offers more than 600 different slot games provided by the industry's best game makers. 

Additionally, 7th Street Casino has a café where the players can buy their breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and refreshing beverages. Moving around the city is no problem either, thanks to the free shuttle service offered at 7th Street Casino. Overall, all you need to worry about is having the budget to enjoy betting on your favorite games.

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