7 Cedars Casino Review


Located at 270756 highway 101 Sequim, WA 98382, this is a hotel and casino that is situated in one of the most comfortable and safe areas in western coast so that the visitors can have a great time for as long as they are staying at the premises. The casino hosts more than 600 slot games and 180 table games that include: Blackjack, Spanish 21, Poker, Roulette and Craps, among many other enticing games that can be played up until 2:00 AM (Pacific Time) the 7 days of the week. 

This casino also offers you the opportunity to bet on lottery draws and on a wide number of sports events. Apart from the well-equipped rooms and entertaining gaming alternatives, 7 Cedars Casino has an exclusive Golf Course, four different Dining Rooms and a LongHouse Market & Deli that is open 24/7 so you can buy all kinds of items at any given moment. 

7 Cedars Casino is owned by Jamestown S'klallam Tribe and it is licensed and regulated by the Washington State Gambling Commission, the Washington Horse Racing Commission and the Washington State Lottery.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Experienced casino with a worth-praising reputation that speaks for itself Due to the current health emergency, some events and sections of the casino may be closed temporarily at specific times
A wide selection of games and betting alternatives to satisfy all the players The premises is located 80 miles northwest of Seattle so those that wish to stay at the hotel and play at the casino must take a ferry and drive for a considerable amount of time
Promotions and Events open to all the visitors
A special Totem Rewards program that all the players can seize to receive eye-catching offers
This casino has its own Market & Deli as well as its exclusive Golf Course

Gaming at 7 Cedars Casino

At 7 Cedars Casino, you are able to enjoy more than 600 different slot games that are developed by some of the most reputable casino game makers. You can find enticing table games such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and many others so you may test your skills and show off how good you are at any of these entertaining types of titles. 

In addition to that, 7 Cedars Casino counts with an interesting sports betting section where the players can bet on many different sports events, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, UFC and Horse Racing. 

The players can also have lots of fun buying lottery tickets and participating in plenty of safe and fair lottery draws.


7 Cedars Casino Website & App

The 7 Cedars Casino is a user-friendly website and accessible to anyone interested in knowing more about this magnificent casino and hotel.

The site is easy-to-understand in all aspects as well, allowing you to know everything that has to do with 7 Cedars Casino in a matter of minutes only, however, we recommend you to download their App which should not take more than a few seconds and it will provide you with the following tabs:

  • View all Promotion: here you will find the current and upcoming promotions and events in which you can participate to win prizes or at least have fun.

  • Amenities: In this tab you will find all the amenities that 7 Cedars Casino has to offer you such as the hotel, dining area, totem rewards, golf and other places and activities.

  • View all events: In this part you can find all the events of the moment and the upcoming events,  and the special events too, so keep an eye on this tab.

  • Offers: In this tab you will receive special offers just for you along with the normal offers.

  • Messages: This is basically your inbox, here you will receive any information from the support team.

Events & Entertainment

7 Cedars Casino has organized a wide number of events for all the attendees during any month. Some of these events could be:

  • Monday Bingo

  • Slot Tournaments

  • Special photo events

  • Game Day Specials

  • Unique Dinners 

  • Birthday Bingos

The full list of current and future events can be found easily on the 7 Cedars Casino site and mobile app.


History & Facts

Founded back in February 3rd, 1995, 7 Cedars Casino is a casino and hotel that was created with the intention of providing the American citizens and the tourists that come from all over the world with a safe, calm and magical space where they are able to have fun playing casino games, participating in lottery draws and joining a wide range of entertaining activities such as its great Golf Course.

This casino and hotel was created by the Indian company Jamestown S'klallam Tribe, which expanded its own project by up to 4,000 square feet in 2012. The expansion was worth $7.5 million, and according to one of the company’s representatives, the investment was worth each and every penny without a single doubt.

Thanks to this great expansion, Jamestown S'klallam Tribe was able to open its award-winning Golf Course. This course has been voted the best Golf Course in five consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) thanks to its great location and amazing organization.


The Area & Getting to 7 Cedars Casino

7 Cedars Casino is located 5 miles east of Sequim and 80 Northwest of Seattle so those people that wish to visit the premises must drive for a considerable period of time in order to arrive at this luxurious casino and hotel. The exact location can be accessed via Google Maps by simply typing “7 Cedars Casino” on the search bar, given how famous this venue is, you would not have any trouble finding it online. 

Despite its relatively isolated location, 7 Cedars Casino has the great benefit of providing you with everything you need without moving anywhere else. You can comfortably buy all the snacks and items on the Market & Deli that is open 24/7. Additionally, 7 Cedars Casino has four

different dining rooms so you can please yourself with some of the most exquisite meals that any top notch restaurant could offer nowadays.


Covid Restrictions

As the world is going through a rough time regarding the global Covid-19 health emergency, 7 Cedars Casino has made sure to equip all the areas with all the needed tools. That way, the attendees are never at risk of getting infected with the virus. 

7 Cedars Casino also goes according to all the safety protocols and rules imposed by the International Health Organization.


Is 7 Cedars Casino a Good Experience Overall?

With more than 600 slot games and a wide selection of betting alternatives such as the chance to bet on sports events and lottery draws, 7 Cedars Casino is definitely a good place to visit if you wish to have a great time gambling. 

Moreover, this is not the ideal venue for the gamblers only, 7 Cedars Casino has made sure to have multiple sections that are meant to satisfy any type of visitor. 

When staying at 7 Cedars Casino, you will have access to its exclusive Golf Course, its four dining rooms and a large number of entertaining events that are hosted on a regular basis.


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